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Note: Roseco will be open on New Year's Eve until 4:00pm Central and closed on New Year's Day.
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Roseco will be closed on Monday, September 3rd, for Labor Day Holiday. We will reopen on Tuesday. September 4th.

Roseco Refining Scrap Exchange Program

Get an instant 7% discount* on Roseco purchases when you refine your scrap with Elemetal (NTR Metals)!

How does this work?

Apply any or all of your Elemetal settlement amount to your Roseco account as credit towards findings, mountings, stones, metals, tools, supplies, equipment, and more!

* Get 7% off future purchases on qualifying items when you pay using your Roseco Elemetal credit. Unlike our regular quick-pay discount, there is no $250 order minimum to worry about! A small $30 order, for example, will qualify for the discount, but only if you use your Roseco Elemetal credit.

The instant 7% discount applies only towards future purchases or payment of current invoices no older than 10 days. Credit applied to past due invoices will be credited at 100% of the settlement amount (i.e. no discounts will be offered).

You may opt to split any percentage of the settlement amount between a check and your Roseco credit. You may also choose to receive fine gold, silver, or a check for your entire settlement amount.

Elemetal Refining - Experience the Difference

Fast settlements with no minimums or assay fees!

Elemetal will always handle your scrap shipment with the same honesty and integrity that you've come to expect from us. When your scrap shipments arrive, we will verify the integrity of the metal and confirm the weight. Next, we will melt your clean scrap and fire assay a sample. We will then notify you of the results.

All settlements are based on after-melt weight. You can lock in the metal market in advance or use the closing live market on the day of receipt.

Elemetal Roseco Office Customers: Final melt time is 4:00pm Monday through Thursday and 3:30pm on Friday. Items received after these times will be processed the next business day.

Settlement Percentages - No Hidden Fees

98% on clean karated gold. 90% on platinum, silver, palladium, and sweeps.

Settlement amounts are determined by Elemetal. Roseco does not assume responsibility for settlement.

Stone Removal

Elemetal's stone removal process is quick and accurate at an additional 1% charge. We remove stones from karat gold and platinum jewelry without damage to the stones.

Preparing Your Shipment

Elemetal accepts packages via Brinks, FedEx, UPS, and United States Postal Service to the national sales office in Dallas, Texas. Please be sure to include a completed packing slip with your scrap shipment.

You can download and print out the scrap exchange program info sheet & packing slip (515 KB) in PDF format using the free Adobe Reader program.

Get the Free Adobe Reader Now

Send your shipment to either of the following addresses shown below:

Roseco Elemetal Office
13740 Omega Road
Dallas, TX 75244

Elemetal Main Office
10720 Composite Drive
Dallas, TX 75220