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Oris Nelson DiamondNite Tester

Oris Nelson DiamondNite Tester

Oris Nelson DiamondNite Tester

This Oris Nelson® DiamondNite tester can perform a test in 1.5 seconds on diamonds and moissanite with just 1 touch! It has an astonishingly short initial warm-up time of 1 second between tests. Just touch the stone with the probe.

No beeps means it is a cubic zirconia or other fake stone. The first continuous beep means it is a diamond (green light). If that beep is followed by a lower continuous beep, then it is moissanite (red light).

The tester has a simple on/off switch, gray shock-resistant housing with easy-to-read features, battery-saving 3-minute shut-off alert. It is powered by a 9-volt battery (included) or can come with a power cord. A 2-year limited factory warranty is included.

Note: Gemstone and probe tip must be clean, dry, and room temperature before testing. Roseco is not responsible for direct or indirect damage sustained, or errors in readings by these test instruments.

This product can be found in the Roseco Catalog XII book on:

  • Page 618

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